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Sample Action Research Projects

Below are a few links to sample action research done by practicing teachers. Note that these action research projects are from a variety of individuals and vary in their depth and rigor. As you look at them, consider whether they used a variety of data sources, operated from a conceptual framework, and if their research will lead to more successful students.

Madison Metropolitan School District has abstracts for action research papers by teachers from 1990-2010. Many have the full paper available. To help you find research relevant to your context, they have a comprehensive search page.

New South Wales Department of Education and Communities (Australia) has an extensive collection of abstracts describing action research conducted by teachers.

Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research at the University of Wisconsin provides an extensive archive of peer reviewed articles about action research (kindergarten to postgraduate).

Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a large selection of sample action research projects completed as part of MA and MAT programs in math education.

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